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National Benefits Consultants
Paperless Lead Management
National Benefits Consultants is the exclusive marketing arm of Consumer Health Benefits Association in South Florida. They provide discount health savings cards, major medical health insurance, and critical illness insurance to clients across the country.

When opening their new facility, they wanted to look into solutions that would allow them to automate the business and take advantage of internet technology. We decided to use our Customer Relationship Management solution as a platform for creating an easy to use lead management system. Taking into the account the skill level of the agent, the system had to be streamlined to accomodate the specific needs of the system users and enhanced to support the level of automation necessary to create a paperless lead management system.

The following outline describes the requirements and elements of our solution.

The Requirements
The Marketing Website
Lead Acquisition
Agent Profiles
Lead Distribution
Processing the Lead
Graphical Performance Reports
Technical Consulting
The Requirements
The market for consumer health insurance alternatives and medical insurance in general is very competitive. Agents come and go as a company builds a finely tooled, well trained corp of professionals to sell the right product to meet customer needs. Many of these individuals are very good salespeople, but not very good with technology. As a result, ease of use was the primary concern when creating a web based software system on which to run their business. As we examined their needs, we saw that the system would need to satisfy the following requirements:
  • Electronic submission of leads to the system database.
  • Automatic submission of leads generated from the website
  • Automated distribution of leads to agents.
  • Easy to use screen to process and close leads.
  • Real time tracking of agent interactions and performance.
  • The ability to send email campaigns to internal client database and track campaign performance.
  • The ability to support tens and thousands of leads in a dymamic manner.

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National Benefits Consultants

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