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Our Vision
Our vision is to become a leader in creating innovative solutions that radically transform the future of small businesses.

Our Mission
To accomplish this our vision, we believe that a focus on
  • helping businesses better leverage internet technology
  • integrating office systems to automate common tasks
  • and optimizing business processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency
are key enablers that can help small businesses to accelerate business growth, even in a down economy.

Our mission is to drive these concepts through the business areas that intersect with the greatest needs of most small businesses.

We will:
  • Create software in the core technology areas of the internet (Publishing, Community, Marketing, Commerce and Analysis) that makes those components accessible and useful to more small businesses.
  • Leverage systems modeling and design to create technology that ensures a return on investment and is easily extended and maintained.
  • Provide integrated solutions that solve actual business problems and grows with the business.
  • Penetrate underserved and specialized niches by providing advanced solutions at low cost using open source software, expanding the use of our services to all areas and audiences in our target market.
  • Provide professional services in the areas of Marketing, Strategy and Development, to help businesses develop and execute their corporate strategies.
  • Educate small business customers through partnerships with community organizations, schools, and other businesses.
  • Lead by example in community service, especially in the area of k-12 education, demonstrating the benefits of technology and science careers while supporting basic education in reading and math.
  • Demonstrate high standards of excellence and ethics in business and community relationships.

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