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Understanding the Needs of Your Business
It is difficult to define a correct business solution without a thorough understanding of the problem and the interpersonal dynamics within a particular business.

Many business transformations fail, not because of a lack of technology, or because of an incorrect implementation of the technology, but because of not taking into account the skills and goals of the people involved in the business.

If the sales people in the business have a mistrust of computers and centralized databases or are just not technically adept, no sophisticated software system can force them to interact with the system on a daily basis.

As a result, as part of our development process in delivering a solution, we take into account the people who would be utilizing the technology and take great pains to design a system that is easy for them to use and to provide training that will help them take advantage of our solution.

The goal of any design is not only to create a system that is usable, but one that is also accepted, and even embraced by the users. Only then will the system be fully integrated into the daily life of the business.

Website Design
Effective website design takes into account overall business objectives. Every element of your website should be calculated to promote, attract, or interact with your visitors in a way that moves them closer towards the decision to contact or purchase. With Asset Foundry, your website becomes a web based software system that can interact intelligently with your visitors while providing tools to easily manage content and integrate your website into your day to day business process. read more »
Software Development
With over 50% of software implementations failing, you need a company with professional software development experience. With over 50 combined years of service at companies like IBM, we are very experienced in developing large software systems. We utilize advanced techniques such as Object Oriented System Design to create a project blue print that can be tested on paper before writing a single line of programming code. We subdivide your system into into separate components and develop each component using an open, thorough and iterative process. You sign off on each stage of the project and payments are directly tracked to the delivered work. No more situations where you have paid 100% of the development fee on a project that is only 50% completed. read more »
Process Automation
A process is the method used to accomplish a particular business objective. Technology can be used to accelerate a good process forward, or to accelerate a bad process into utter confusion. As a result, a clear understanding of the business processes in place within your business, their correctness, and how they can be accelerated to give you a business advantage is an essential part of any development project. The reason why many projects fail is because they do not take people and processes into account. read more »
Technical Consulting
Large, well funded projects sometimes utilize an outside planning organization to create a master plan and provide technical assistance throughout the development process. This team of professionals provides planning, project management, and technical expertise that the company lacks or does not need full time. We make our expertise in software and systems design available to small businesses who are not able to properly plan and manage technology drive projects.  read more »

Web Design
Software Development
Process Automation
Technical Consulting

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