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Website Design
Beyond the Static Web - Web Based Software Systems
A website with beautiful eye candy is nice to look at, but one that allows the visitor to interact with your business is even better. The days of creating a website as a static marketing brochure are over. A business must now leverage their website to help meet business objectives. These objectives will normally include revenue generation or cost savings and are obtained through the use of a web based software system rather than static websites. A web based software system uses intelligent software applications to present your product or service in often unique ways, while providing connections to your internal systems.

Your can use a web based system to generate revenue through:
  • Product sales
  • Affiliations (enabling resellers)
  • Syndication (selling your content)
  • Advertising sales
You can use a web based system to reduce your business costs through:
  • Lead generation
  • Low cost information distribution
  • Easy collaboration with partners.
  • Customer self service
  • Email communication
  • Automating data collection

Designing with Business in Mind
Our website design process is geared towards leveraging a web based software system to communicate your content in a way that will solicit a particular response from visitors, while making it easy for your to adjust the presentation based from customer feedback. The goal is for your website to become more "fluid" rather than rigid.

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