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Custom Software Development
Asset Foundry Software Development Services

Due to our extensive experience designing sophisticated software systems, we are confident in our ability to design a system to help you meet your business goals. Do you have a dream or an idea that requires software to be developed? Give us a call for a free consultation and we can help you move to the next step towards realising your dreams.

Our capabilities range from database driven applications on the Internet to JAVA based software systems communicating with Microsoft SQL Server Databases in your back office. We can analyze or integrate with existing systems or build you a new one from scratch.

Website Automation

is a revolutionary system for building high performance, interactive websites. You can easily add articles, calendars, discussion forums, ecommerce and other software components to your site and manage them all using simple online forms. With inCONTEXT you can:
  • build an award winning website on a small budget
  • add high end feaures to your site easily
  • Update your site anytime and anywhere. Anyone who can use Microsoft WordŽ can maintain an inCONTEXT website.

Customer Relationship Management

Our private label Customer Relationship Management software allows you and your sales team to easily manage leads, accounts, products, orders and our reporting module gives you real time access to sales performance.
  • Manage remote sales reps efficiently.
  • See the entire sales cycle from lead to order!
  • Enhance customer service by providing personalized home pages to customers for order tracking.
  • All data is contained in your own secure database.
  • Manage sales data from any computer, any time.
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Call Center Automation

is a web based lead management system for small call centers. No need to manage streams of paper leads or manually track performance. Features include:
  • receives lead batches electronically from your list vendor or lead generation source.
  • automatically categorizes and cleans leads to eliminate bad leads
  • distributes leads to agents according to set criteria (timezone, leadsource, batch size, etc)
  • Provides automated lead processing always serving the freshest leads to your agents.
  • Provides real time reporting of agent and lead performance
  • Low level logging of every action performed on the system for management review.
  • allows your agents to work from home, the beach, wherever without adding office space.

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