About Us

Every business has a number of processes it uses in order to execute its business objectives. Those processes many not be formally defined in smaller businesses with few employees, but as businesses get larger and processes more complex a lack of formal processes often leads to lost opportunities and lost revenue. If the “expert” employee that retained all of the process knowledge in their head suddenly dies, leaves, or starts up a competing company, the impact to a business could sometimes be fatal.

Asset Foundry does not focus on designing a piece of software system in isolation We focus on designing integrated systems for accelerating your business processes, helping you increase revenues, save time, reducing cost, or accelerate business growth. The metrics we use for measuring success are business success metrics, not just the completion of the software system proposed.

Our first objective is to understand your business, diagram how information flows through the processes used in your business and to identify areas where processes can be improved. We can then recommend solutions for automating or improving efficiencies. These solutions may include off the shelf software, a custom integration between multiple software services, or a ground up custom solution that automates your business processes.

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