Why Choose Us?

We make your life easier.

We measure the success of solutions based on the increased success of your company.

  • Are you saving time or money?
  • Are you increasing revenue?
  • Are you able to serve more customers?
  • Is your business more efficient?
  • Are your employees able to share information more efficiently?

If your new software system was designed to improve at least one of these areas of your business and your employees now refuse to use the system because it makes the process even more cumbersome, then you have a problem. 

A system must be designed to improve processes. If it does not then it cannot be considered a system. That is because the primary goal of any system is to create organization out of chaos. It must capture the needed information from various silos and present them using informational tools that make this information easy to manipulate by your employees. This should result in increased efficiencies and reduced stress in your workflows.

We walk through your business processes from both employee and customer perspectives eliminating the pain points and increasing efficiency of people and processes. You should see immediate improvements in efficiencies, cost savings and eventually increased revenue.

We design systems that can directly enhance the success of your business.

How does this relate to PPE?

If there is one area of critical need that is suffering from broken processes, chaos and inefficiencies it is PPE Acquisition. States and hospital systems have lost millions of dollars to scammers promoting products that are not real or even worse, fake and dangerous.

We believe our capabilities in data analysis and software development can help develop systems for high quality product acquisition. The FDA database is open access, which means the data on qualified manufacturers is available for anyone who has the skill to access it. We can move backwards from qualified sources through the acquisition process, into logistics and the eCommerce systems to provide high quality solutions in this arena.

By integrating FDA Consulting, Government Services & Software Development, we able to leverage synergies to develop solutions that we believe set us apart from other organizations.