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Electronic Patient Forms

Automation Focus: Electronic Medical Forms

Most patients are used to filling out medical forms by hand. It is a laborious process. A medical office personnel then retypes that information into the Electronic Medical Record system. If for example, they mistype the patients name, that could cost time, money and frustration to repair.

Most medical offices are now turning to paperless, tablet based medical forms. The information is filled in by the patient and is automatically transferred to the EMR. That single innovation saves thousands of dollars in employee time, lost revenue, and possibly a lost customer and negative reviews. This is an example of an automated business process.

We can help you find high impact innovations that will improve your business processes.

Software Development Services

We provide software development services to small businesses as well as government clients.

FDA Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to foreign manufacturers who desire to export medical devices to the United States. These services help manufacturers navigate the complex FDA registration and renewal processes and prepare their devices for export to U.S. customers.

Government Services

Through our relationships with foreign factories we are able to help government customers acquire critical products from reliable sources. We are developing automated solutions to track product from factory production floor to its final destination.