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Technical Consulting
Painting your Business Masterpiece
Very few are gifted with the skills of the masters, in painting or in business. That is why a over 50% of customer relationship management initiatives fail to meet their objectives. Many smaller businesses are afraid to attempt large paradigm shifts in how their business uses technology because they aren't sure if it will work. As a result, changes are slow and incremental and new competitors using the latest and greatest tools are gain a market advantage.

Technical Consulting
Technical Consulting at Asset Foundry means providing knowledge and expertise to a business owner to help them reach a particular business objective. Types of activities that we may engage include:
  • Consulting on the best ways to utilize technology to reach business goals.
  • Producing research analysis reports for technology integration projects.
  • Providing project management services to support a particular project or initiative
  • Leveraging our network of customers and partners to provide cross selling opportunities between customers.
  • Modeling and documentation of existing software systems for which documentation does not currently exist.

Our goal is to make our expertise in software analysis and design available your business to use on an as needed basis. OUr goal is to help your business become successful.

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